Game of Thrones is coming back – Finally!

(By Patricia Leblanc)

After almost a year of waiting, the epic battle over the iron throne will return April 6th on HBO. After months of silence following season three’s shocking finale, news, trailers, featurettes and interviews are popping up everywhere, getting us pumped to see our favourite characters battle up on screen again.

Here is the first trailer for season 4, along with a little teaser showing Khaleesi’s baby dragons that aren’t so small anymore. Great animation is done on these big guys and they definitely look fierce. Will the mother of dragons be able to keep a hand on her babies?

There’s also a little promotional featurette, asking the cast questions that fans tweeted. It’s mostly on their character’s opinion or development in the upcoming season.

I can’t wait to start watching Jon Snow, Khaleesi, that little kick-ass Arya and that measly little blond bastard Joffry sit smugly on the iron throne. Well, not for long I hope.

On a personal note, I’m so happy that they waited until end of term was over to start season 4 again. I guess I won’t have an excuse to procrastinate on my final essays to catch up with the gossip of Westeros. Too bad.

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