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Lindsay Lohan: The Fighter

(By Alexandre Lacas)

Last night marked the series premiere of Lindsay on OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network). This docu-series produced by media queen Oprah Winfrey and directed by Emmy award winner Amy Rice follows the footsteps of recovering alcoholic, actress, and singer Lindsay Lohan as she tries to rebuild what she once upon a time had: a career, a stable life and her sanity. Continuer la lecture de Lindsay Lohan: The Fighter

Reality TV : our obsession with the fast track to fame

(Written by Alexandre Lacas)

These days, it’s simply impossible to watch television without being exposed to, in some form or another, reality TV shows.  Whether you like fashion, hopeless people fighting over love, teen drama, food, music, dancing or you name it; the big networks have found a way to target us directly through our likes and dislikes.  We need to question ourselves for a second and think about how and why the reality TV phenomenon has managed to take over our screens while building a solid and extremely lucrative empire.  And why, sweet heavens, are we so taken up with it? Continuer la lecture de Reality TV : our obsession with the fast track to fame

Palmarès télévisé de 2013

(Par Patricia Leblanc et Marc-Olivier Lalonde)

On regarde aussi la télé chez Jestermind. Voici les séries télévisées qui ont marqué l’attention de deux de nos chroniqueurs en cette année 2013.  Suivez notre site pour avoir des critiques des séries à venir pour 2014! Continuer la lecture de Palmarès télévisé de 2013