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Review : Thief (Video game)

(By Joannie Leblanc)

I am a big fan of the Thief/Dark Project franchise. Those games are part the reasons why I’m studying video game creation. Everything in those games are amazing: the dark ambiance they put you in, like if you are a master of the shadow, the greed you have by trying to get 100% of the loot, the fun you have by creating a diversion to escape from the guards… They force you to think about every possible strategy to enter a building and discover every secret. So far I’ve finished the Thief series a multiple of times, a 100% complete without getting spotted or having to knock out anyone, and I was very happy when I learned that Thief 3 would have a sequel. Thief 4 was very fun to play, and the graphics were amazing, but a few things were missing, and I hope to see those things in a Thief 5. Here is my full review of Thief 4, playing on Master difficulty, ghost gameplay… Continuer la lecture de Review : Thief (Video game)