News : FTL : Faster Than Light expansion announced (Video Game).

(By Samuel Bourassa)

The surprisingly successful indie game from Subset Games, Faster than Light, has been played by thousands of players from the world since its release in September 2012. No doubt that the total number of hours spent on the game is overwhelming, although Subset Games doesn’t seem to care as they just released some details for the Faster than Light expansion pack they announced a few months ago.

FTL Faster than Light : Advanced Edition will be available April 3rd and… wait for it… will be free for everyone who bought the original game for PC! It seems there is no time limit for this offer, so you’ll be able to buy the original FTL for 10$ and still get the Advanced Edition even though you’re past April 3rd.

For those that prefer to play on their iPad, a version of Faster than Light will be released at the same date for the tablet. It will include the original game as well as the additional content for 10$.

For more information, please visit the developer’s website.

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