Lindsay Lohan: The Fighter

(By Alexandre Lacas)

Last night marked the series premiere of Lindsay on OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network). This docu-series produced by media queen Oprah Winfrey and directed by Emmy award winner Amy Rice follows the footsteps of recovering alcoholic, actress, and singer Lindsay Lohan as she tries to rebuild what she once upon a time had: a career, a stable life and her sanity.

In the first episode, right after her high published 90 day court order rehab and her follow-up interview with Oprah, cameras followed Lindsay as she moved 10 years of her notorious LA party girl lifestyle in hopes of a fresh start in New York City. No topics were off-limits; from her jail sentence in 2010 to her relationship with her family. We were able to see an authentic portrait of a suffering addict facing the challenges of early sobriety. Throughout this episode, we were able to see for the first in a long time, a Lindsay ready to work, making an honest come back, and regain respect for what she used to be known for. Although the road to recovery can be quite rocky, Lindsay appears to be focus on her goals with the help of her sobriety coach and her entourage.

Throughout this series viewers will be able to witness Lindsay Lohan focused on positivity, with the exception of a few ‘’diva moments’’. With her obvious need to control, Lindsay made the production difficult as she kept on cancelling and rescheduling shooting day which her mentor, Oprah, became a little annoyed with this unprofessional behaviour

As for myself I believe that Lindsay can revive her reputation with the help of a good management team and publicist. Let’s not forget how much the world loves a good comeback story.  Although she seems ready to move on, it will take a little more than tears and honest camera moments for people to forgive all the things that she has done in the past.

What do you think? Do you believe that Lindsay Lohan is capable of regaining people’s trust or is this just another publicity stunt like her previous visits to rehab?

Lindsay, Sundays at 22h00 on OWN

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