Local Review : The Chrysalide Project – Myth of the Capullo

(Written by Jérémie Bernard)

After being introduced to the world of The Chrysalide Project when I wrote a french review of the EP, A Place for Silence, I couldn’t wait to hear the entire album. Myth of the Capullo is the completion of that musical EP. Twelve mystical songs now upgraded with lyrics for a journey into the unknown. Let’s see how the story unfolds with this album.

I will start this review with a tip for anyone that wants to enter the universe of The Chrysalide project : immerse yourself the first time you listen to it. In other words, don’t be distracted by anything when you enter that unique world. When traveling somewhere new, you don’t usually let that experience slip outside your mental reach. You make the most out of the new sensation you are feeling at the moment. You watch and listen carefully, never skipping a beat. It’s exactly what you need to do with this album. Yes, this work of art consists of music so rich that you will actually see it. By listening to this album, you will be able to visualize it.

Whereas A Place for Silence was completely instrumental, Myth of the Capullo revisits these songs with vocals while also adding a lot more to the equation. In my opinion, the vocal versions of the songs from the EP aren’t as interesting. The new songs merge the music and lyrics much more efficiently. If you want to experience The Chrysalide Project the same way I have, I would suggest listening to both versions.

The voice of Jessica reminds me of bands like Within Tempation, After Forever and Nightwish. She has a very wide vocal range and can use many different singing techniques in the same song. It was an necessity since the instrumental sections of the album are very rich and beautiful. Aside from some harmonies that sound strange when you listen to them the first couple of times, the overall production of the CD is excellent for an independent and solo project. The music is well balanced with the voice and they keep the listener immersed inside the visual universe created by Jessica.

With Sparkle, the voice isn’t used to sing but to fine-tune the mood of the song. There is no doubt this album is defined by many different elements. The latent melancolia of Sweet Destruction stands alongside well with the important interlude that is Snow Veil. You could also be enchanted with the inherent happiness of Going Down or the grandiose presence of the title song of the album. My point here is that The Chrysalide Projectwas able to elevate me from my known universe into something else, completely new. Each song title evokes powerful images, as does every playing second.

This album, without going into too many details, is made to be listened to carefully, without being in a rush. It’s a « sit back and relax » type of CD, where the artist works very hard to come up with a palpable universe strong enough to mix music and voices into a working independent project. I will go back into that world, as I loved the feel of it, the way it presented indescribable creatures and underwater marvels.

Go listen to this very special album, especially if you like pianos, violins and electronic rhythms. If you listen to music because you love to travel and explore, this album will serve you well. It will be hard to find another local indie project with that much personality and polish.

P.S : Congrats for the compelling album cover!

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/TheChrysalideProject?ref=br_tf
Bandcamp : http://chrysalideproject.bandcamp.com/
Online store : http://chrysalideproject.bigcartel.com/

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